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The Kindness Economy

Jul 29, 2021

Anna Blackburn is the first non-family member to run the jeweller Beaverbrooks. She’s also its first female managing director. And she’s more than doubled profits since she took the helm of the business.

Anna has done this by building on a foundation already in place at Beaverbrooks which has always invested in its...

Jul 22, 2021

Sheep Inc is a new kind of fashion brand and its knitwear leaves behind zero emissions, zero harm and zero waste. The attention to detail needed to create this kind of accountability is staggering - involving everything from sourcing wool from regenerative farms to solar-powered knitting machines. Even the sheep that...

Jul 15, 2021

People who buy from sportswear specialist Rapha don’t just buy product - they buy into a global brand that’s all about connection.

Whether it’s a clubhouse, cycling group or via technology, Rapha’s people connect first through their shared passion for sport - before tapping into a far deeper sense of community....

Jul 8, 2021

The frozen food brand Cook is a true family business. Co-founder Edward Perry was inspired by his parents’ frozen cake company to set up Cook and then joined in the business by brother James and sister Rosie, who’s now co-CEO.

An early B Corps, Cook has donated two million meals to children living in some of the...

Jul 6, 2021

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