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The Kindness Economy

Nov 4, 2021

Frieda Gormley and her husband Javvy M Royle dreamed up the idea for their interior brand at the kitchen table. Ten years on, House of Hackney is one of the most influential – and aspirational - British interiors brands.

Best known for its use of colour, pattern and craftsmanship, House of Hackney also takes its wider responsibilities very seriously. It’s a B Corps, which means it meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance – in everything from its materials to supply chains. And it was founded on three guiding principles: creativity, compassion and consciousness.

With our homes more important now than ever post-pandemic, how can we ensure that they are kinder – both to us living inside them, and also the people and planet surrounding them? Join Mary as she chats to Frieda about home, inspirations and using an ancient Celtic calendar to root their business in the natural world.

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