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The Kindness Economy

Dec 2, 2021

FOR a long time, the world of beauty was stuck in the old ways of perfume counter selling, excess packaging – and those giveaway foundation samples in magazines that only ever came in some shade of peach.

As a teenager of Nigerian heritage, Simi Lindgren felt invisible when she opened up those samples.

But last year she founded online beauty marketplace Yuty that has radical inclusivity at its heart. 

It uses AI to take into account everything from a shopper’s skin type to facial formation to make truly personal recommendations.

Every product on the site also meets strict standards on ethics, cruelty and sustainability. 

With investor and consumer interest growing in sustainable - and in particular beauty - brands, Yuty has just secured £500,000 in pre-seed funding.

Join Mary as she chats with Simi about tech, representation and pushing boundaries in the beauty industry.

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