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The Kindness Economy

Jan 15, 2021

Join Mary Portas in this brand new series, as she talks to inspiring entrepreneurs - in everything from fashion to architecture - about how they’re helping make the business world a kinder place and we what we can all do to help. Starts Thursday.


Mar 8, 2020

Happy International Women's Day! Join Mary and her closest advisers from Portas Agency as they offer advice and guidance for a range of talented women working in UK business today - plus a familar voice surprises the team...



Dec 16, 2019

The founder of Richer Sounds is one of the UK's leading lights of responsible capitalism - in this interview with Mary, he takes us through the way he has run his business, why he decided to give control to his employees, and the launch of the Good Business Charter.

Elsewhere in the last episode of this series, we join...

Dec 9, 2019

The CEO of Europe's biggest media agency, with a staff of over 4000, Josh Krichefski speaks to Mary and Portas Agency's Culture Director Emily Bryce-Perkins about the stories they share about mental health, and how it's raised awareness and empathy in the company. Plus, there's a surprise guest in the final moments of...

Dec 2, 2019

British Jamaican entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid has founded two successful businesses and shows no sign of slowing down. In this empowering conversation, she discusses the origins of WAH Nails, Beautystack and the role family and friends have played in her career.

Meanwhile, Mary is live in New York, and Portas'...